Hi, this is Brandon/BRDN.S/y4y/Xinze(辛泽). I’m a web security researcher at Tophant(斗象). What I usually do is design red team tools, analyze 0 day or N day vulnerabilities and write exploits of them, and also responsible for designing/providing technical fundamentals for my company’s products.

Personally, I’m interested in browser exploitation and web3 security. Outside of security, I play games like OSU!, DOTA2, some mobile games to kill time or some console games. A gamer, that’s what people usually say.

I write blogs whenever I feel like I learned something remarkable, which means I don’t blog that often. Not saying I am lazy or not willing to learn, but in many occasions I just feel the materials I learned or the works I did regularly are not a huge step to me , thus not worth writing a blog. If you are looking for blogs on finding 0 days or making you a better bug bounty hunter, unfortunately, this place is not the one. I suppose for those who want to learn more about analyzing bugs or write exploits, you are coming to the right place.

Anyway, thank you for reading this and good day.